IdeasSiero Lab: CEO and Founder
UCSC: PhD Graduate Student
(831) 335-5600

Marcelo Siero is the CEO of IdeasSiero Lab. In this role he helps provides the necessary technical infrastructure, know-how, support and management for several "socially conscious" businesses that IdeasSiero Lab is incubating. One of these startups: "Business Wiht Pleasure" recently was awarded "Business of the Year for 2015" by the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce. Another incubee will be launching a new Web 2.0 web site this Summer. Marcelo Siero has also gone back to school, to work on a a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at UCSC. He has completed all the necessary coursework, and is now working on elaborating his research, primarilly focusing on the use of Deep Neural Network as it applies to speech technology.

Marcelo brings to all of these efforts experience from a full career with 30 years+ of broad base experience in computer engineering. He was in the team that successfully designed and launched to market the very first CMOS based VLSI HP3000 computer for Hewlett Packard Corporation. He worked at Xerox PARC during the early revolution of the computer industry on the design of VLSI bit-mapped display computer processors. He pioneered and ran an Internet Service Provider Business for 9 years in the early 90's. He created the necessary software verification infrastructure for a family of 64-bit SPARC processors at HAL Computers a former startup backed by Fujitsu corporation..


Software Development and Infrastructure Management
  • Linux based software development, C++, Perl, Python, Node.js.
  • Scientific Programming Using CUDA (GPUs), Python, Matlab and other tools.
  • Compiler and System Software Development.
  • Embedded Processor Development.
  • Knowledge of Code generation and optimization techniques,
  • Linux-based System Administration
  • Devops Methodology to Management a Cloud-base data center.
  • Linux Security Infrastructure Management.
Computer and VLSI Design, and Computer Design CAD
  • Design verification: functional, logic, circuit, and layout
  • CISC and RISC computer architecture definition, including hardware and software.
  • Implementation of computer farms for computer simulation applications
  • Digital design VLSI/board level, circuit design, testing
  • Bit-slice systems and microprogramming
  • Computer bit-map graphics and video systems
  • use of SPICE, Cadence Virtuoso, Calibre(DRC/LVS/Parasitics), logic simulators.
Technical Documentation and Instruction
  • Technical documentation: software, hardware, VLSI CAD, computer technology.
  • Languages and other software tools: Perl, C++, Pascal, CGI + much more.
  • Technical Training, Unix, Perl and other subjects.


Present-1982: InnerVision Computers, President
Present-2000: Recent Technology & Business Development Activities Founded and Implemented and provided technical support for the following ventures:
  • An information based model for selling Real Estate.
  • A new model for distribution of Art.
  • Business With Pleasure: A Digital Print Shop and more.
  • Sign City: Wide Format printing and digitazation of art and more.

2000-1992: Infoserv Connections, President

    Internet service provider providing e-mail and Usenet news to the Internet community.
    Development of Powerful Mail Client Integrating Usenet News and MIME capable E-mail.
2001, Community Oriented Activities
    Member of Board of Directors:
    • Actor's Theater (Local Community Theater): Treasurer/Secretary
    • Monterey Bay Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Subsection ('90-present)
    • Monterey Bay International Trade Association
1999-1990: Teacher
    2000-1999: San Jose State University Extension, Teacher/Course Development
    1999-1993: Instruction Set, Teacher/Author
    1987-1985: Northeastern University, Teacher
    1978-1977: Ohlone Junior College, Teacher
    1973-1975: Hewlett Packard Corporation (teaching hardware and software)

  • Developed and taught courses on at the various institutions listed above on the following topics: Web programming, Perl, CGI, RISC Architecture, Compiler Design, Advanced Logic Design, Intel 8X86 Assembler, Unix System System Administration, Unix for beginners, logic and micro-Processor design
  • Authored book anonimously: Programming with Perl and CGI


Present-1980: InnerVision Computers: Chief Consultant.
1985-1980: National Semiconductor, System Software Advisor
  • researched design and development of RISC architecture
  • developed front-end for advanced optimizing Pascal compiler
  • developed disassembler, linker, and loader for 32000 family
  • analyzed the performance of 32000 family
  • developed and wrote Marketing Specifications For System 32000 Development System
  • performed competitive analysis and provided technical marketing expertise
  • wrote/presented papers; chaired conference sessions at Wescon, Compcon and others

1980-1978: XEROX Palo Alto Research Center, Member of Research Staff
  • defined VLSI processor architecture optimized for MESA language, including BitBlt graphics
  • simulated architecture for 32-bit processor design
  • designed VLSI NMOS 32K RAM chip (3 Xstor cell)
  • developed, implemented, and tested NMOS content addressable memory
  • supported SPICE-II circuit simulator (FORTRAN IV)
  • investigated development/acquisition of VLSI testers
  • developed custom-made purchase order, document tracking system
  • developed program for layout of regular LSI structures
1978-1973: Hewlett Packard Corporation, Member of Technical Staff
  • developed to completion and product release of CPU product (HP300/3000) using CMOS/SOI technology
  • designed (logic/layout/STA timing and Ckt design/testing) control section of RALU chip.
  • designed and documented Bus Interface Controller (BIC)
  • developed system micro-diagnostics for RASS chip and BIC
  • developed stuck-at-fault tests for fault checking and isolation of BIC
  • programmed automatic PLA logic simulator system
  • developed PROM burner system
  • taught programming and maintenance on 21Mx computer family

  • PhD Student at UCSC, Completed coursework with 3.8 GPA (Research in Progress).
  • BSEE from Cal State University, Long Beach
  • Junior College Teaching Credential in Math and Engineering
  • Many classes and seminars, Speech Reco (ISIP at Mississippi State), Voice Synthesis (Festival at CMU), Logic Design and Synthesis/SOC (UCSC), Parallel Computing, Gaming Narrative (UCSC), Compiler Code Generation and Optimization (Stanford), Neromorphic Computing (IBM) and more.

  • Design of 16-bit Multiplier using 190nm technology (UCSC project).
  • Logic Design for an SOC Satisfiability Processor, employing an integrated parallel latch/computation array, control and a Wishbone xface (UCSC project).
  • Neural network program for pattern recognition
  • Automatic Parser Generator - Table driven parser generator for a compiler front-end
  • Paper design of a 2D-convolver.
  • Parser for Euler Language
  • Architect, design and construction of bit-slice RISC mini-computer
  • Editor, 49er Engineer Magazine


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