Facilities and Resources

InnerVision Computers share numerous resources to help it more effectively carry out consulting projects and make them a reality. Currently InnerVision Computers shares space with its two sister companies, Business with Pleasure and Sign city in a luxurious building with 5000 square feet in Scotts Valley, CA, and has access to the resources described below.

Our Computer networking environment provides includes:

  • Pentium Based Linux Clusters, running GridEngine Loadbalancing and MPI library.
  • Numerous Windows/XP processors running a large variety of Applications.
  • Numerous Linux Clients and Server processors.
  • Multi-OS environment network and storage servers.
  • Collocated Internet Servers.
  • Customized Asterisk-driven internal PBX system.
  • Linux, Windows XP/Pro and Windows 2000 systems, including a Linux cluster of 8 dual processors, provides the necessary infrastructure for a variety of software and hardware development projects.
Basic and specialized software tools are available for varied applications including:
  • Perl shell modified for hardware verification and simulation (proprietary).
  • Gnu C++, GDB, X32 Assembers, Visual C++.
  • TkPerl provides GUI development under Perl.
  • SWIG providing simplified connection between Perl and large-scale C programs.
  • Open Source tools for Design Verification and VLSI software development (see resources for EE's)
  • For web development: Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks and Flash.
  • For graphics design: Adobe Creative Suite/CS3.
  • For office development we have the Microsoft Office Suite, and Open Office.
  • For database development: MySQL supported by DBI/Perl.
  • For video development, Mac/G5 with full Final Cut Video Editing Suite.
  • For Security we use: IPTABLES, Tripwire, and other tools.
  • V++ provides a C++ based Verilog-like simulation environment (proprietary).
  • Four in-house graphics designers.
A hardware electronics prototyping facility include a high-speed Hewlett Packard storage scope, pulse generators, DVMs, and miscellaneous prototyping tools.

Our imaging production facility includes:

  • Kodak Pro SLR/c 14 Megapixel digital camera.
  • Nikon Super-CoolScan 8000ED Film slide scanner: 48bit, 4000dpi.
  • Epson Flatbed 48-bit paper and film scanner.
  • 3 high-speed Wide-format ICC color-corrected printers up to 6ft wide, and vinyl cutting capability, usable for sign making, IC plotting, printing of Art, etc.
Our digital print shop includes:
  • 2 Canon CLC-5000 50cps printer/scanner with Z5000 RIPS capable of 50 high-quality impressions per minute.
  • 5 high-speed B/W digital Canon printer/copiers.
  • Binding (all types), cutting and other publishing equipment.

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