Facilities and Resources

IdeasSiero Lab (formerly InnerVision Computers) shares numerous resources to help it more effectively carry out consulting projects and make them a reality. Currently InnerVision Computers shares space with its two sister companies, Business with Pleasure and Sign city in a luxurious 10,000 square foot building in Scotts Valley, CA. It furthermore has access to the resources described below.

Our Computer networking environment provides includes:

  • Numerous GPU-based Linux Clusters.
  • Numerous Linux Clients and Server processors.
  • Cisco-based smart-switch network for extra security.
  • Numerous NAS storage servers.
  • Cloud-based Computing Resources.
Basic and specialized software tools are available for varied applications including:
  • Variety of debuggers and profilers.
  • GUI-based development tools under various software environments.
  • Multi-language linkage developmental tools, including SWIG and JNI.
  • Open Source tools for Design Verification and VLSI software development (including
  • modified Perl-compiler for hardware verification and simulation (proprietary). resources for EE's)
  • For graphics design: Adobe Creative Suite, including Graphics Design and Video Tools.
  • Marketing Group, including fully outfitted print shop.
  • Video Studio, including green screen area for special effects.
  • Wordpress Hosting Capabilities.
  • Security tools such as IPTABLES, Tripwire, and other such.
  • V++ provides a C++ based Verilog-like simulation environment (proprietary).
  • In-house graphics designer and video staff.
Our imaging production facility includes:
  • Canon SLR/c 21 Megapixel digital camera, and scanning light-controlled room.
  • 3 high-speed Wide-format ICC color-corrected printers up to 54 in. wide.
Our digital print shop includes:
  • Numerous B&W and Color laser printers.
  • Binding (all types), cutting and other publishing equipment.

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