Innovation in Computer Engineering and Applications Consulting

Company Profile: InnerVision Computers has been providing a broad spectrum of computer-consulting services for large and small firms in Silicon Valley and Japan since 1982. A sampling of the types of services provided have been:
  1. Development of a SPICE navigator system and library for computer assisted generation of timing corner information for very large custom array type circuits (hierarchical & flattened) with and without parasitic info.
  2. Development of Perl & PLI based computer aided logic design (CAD) system library for verification, co-simulation, bring-up (integrated with a computer farm) for a very large and sophisticated VLSI based family of processors. Support for ~100 design/verification engineers.
  3. Logic design for a very large SOC Satisfiability solver special processor using ASIC library and synthesis (Synopsys Design Compiler/Gtkwave/Icarus & VCS).
  4. Conversion programs for timing analysis across a variety of CAD programs.
  5. Microprocessor architecture, design, performance analysis and development of evaluation tools.
  6. Network and system programming (compiler, assemblers, linkers)
  7. E-mail system integrations and applications.
  8. Compiler software quality assurance and evaluation.
  9. Software development for embedded controllers,
  10. Network integration and system administration,
  11. Complex technical documentation (EDA and Computer Arch related).
Previous Clients: Amongst the distinguished clients InnerVision Computers has worked for are: Montalvo Systems, Fujitsu Microelectronics, HAL Computers, Mitsubishi Electronics, Intel Corporation, National Semiconductor, and ECAD Corporation (now part of CADENCE).

Breadth of Knowledge and Experience: Marcelo Siero, the founder brings with him 30 plus years of directly relevant experience to the creation of innovative solutions to a large cornucopia of difficult tasks related to computer engineering, VLSI design and related applications.

Prior to starting his consulting firm, Mr. Siero worked as a member of the research and development staff for Hewlett Packard Corporation (computer and VLSI design), XEROX PARC-Palo Alto Research Center (computer architecture, VLSI design and system software) and National Semiconductor (compiler development, system software, performance analysis, and RISC computer architecture studies).

Mr. Siero also has extensive practical knowledge of modern compiler technology and code optimization techniques. He is proficient in Perl, Tk/Perl, C++ under various Unix and Windows Platforms. Mr. Siero also has extensive experience in hardware design (VLSI and board level), and use and development of custom CAD software.

In the area of embedded processors and architecture InnerVision Computers has dealt with a wide variety of processors, such as: Intel X86, Mot 680X0, Fujitsu Sparclite, MIPS R3000, IBM RS/6000, Intel i860, and 80X86, Sun SPARC, National Semiconductor NS320XXX, and Japan's TRON family of processors.

Mr. Siero has also has experience in imaging software, color-management software and workflows, color printing, and neuron-net simulation targeted at pattern recognition applications, web-development, CGI web programming, parallel computing (MPI), Linux security and system administration, digital printing, video editing, and more.

Training Experience: Mr. Siero has taught courses in numerous University extension campuses on a variety of subjects such as: Perl scripting with CGI, compiler writing, RISC computer architecture, Intel 80X86 assembly language programming, advanced logic design, Unix fundamentals, and Unix System Administration.

Other Resources: InnerVision Computers also draws from the expertise of other consultants in Silicon Valley, when appropriate. These consultants provide services and expertise in related or complementary fields, including computer architecture, operating systems, circuit design, quality assurance, networking, etc. InnerVision Computers also draws on extensive resources to help make its projects a success.

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